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ASME Section VIII, Division 1 UG-22 Loadings:  This section of the Code lists the loadings that should be considered in designing a vessel.  UG-22j states that the static head should be taken into account during the hydrostatic test and MAWP of the vessel.  For example, a 60” ID vessel with an MAWP of 1440 psig at 130° F should also have a 2.165 psig static head for the weight of the contents of the full vessel.

You must also ensure that this pressure does not exceed the MAWP of the flange, which is 1444 psig at this temperature.  This can       become an issue on vessels over 108” ID, where the static head may exceed 4 psig. The MAWP of the vessel would have to be decreased or the design temperature of the     vessel reduced to ensure that MAWP of the flange is not exceeded.

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