High Pressure Spheres

It is common to use hemi-spherical heads for stor-age vessels over 3000 psig, because the material will not have to be as thick as what other head styles would require. At this pressure and higher, care should be taken to ensure proper fit up and welding preparation to minimize the fabrication stresses. Magnetic Parti-cle Inspection (MPI) or Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) should be used on the root pass to ensure there is no cracking. Full radiography and MPI of the completed circumferential seam, plus visual inspection to ensure no undercut, would also be required. For the nozzles, use full penetration welds with a smooth transition between the nozzle neck and the base materi-al, plus MPI of the completed welds. Reinforcement calculations should be performed on all nozzle sizes and PWHT should be considered for all thickness, to ensure that the sphere is built using the highest standards.


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